OFFCUTS Staff Picks | Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

The festive season is in full swing here at OFFCUTS HQ! Gifts are wrapped, stockings are up and we've ticked off a few Christmas movies from our must-watch list. Christmas 2020 is going to be a strange one. With restrictions in place for most of us over the holidays  we might not be able to do the things we love doing with our friends and family every year - but it doesn't mean it won't still be a special Christmas. We caught up with Katie, Georgia and Claire to find out what their Christmas traditions are!

"Christmas is my most favourite time of year – I eat, sleep and breathe Christmas from around July each year. With this, comes a multitude of traditions that I like to try and incorporate into my festive calendar. The problem is, how do I pick just one as my favourite???

Pre-Covid, I always like to go to the panto on Christmas Eve. There is no better “hello Christmas” than the last showing of a pantomime the night before Christmas. Finishing work, getting a quick takeaway for dinner then off to the panto. The cast are ready for the big day and so is everyone in the audience so the jokes are always that much funnier. There is no better way for me to spend my night. After the panto, we go home and open our Christmas Eve boxes which usually contain new PJs, some snacks and a festive film to watch.
Another thing I like to try and do is go to a drive in movie at some point in December. Getting cosy in the car with a woodfired pizza as we watch Elf is one of my most favourite feelings.
This year is obviously very different for everyone and unfortunately we can’t do the usual traditions so we’ll be at home on Christmas Eve doing our own “drive in movie/panto” with homemade baked treats, all our favourite festive films and a good old takeaway. I can’t wait! Did I mention I don’t have any kids?" 

"My Favourite Christmas Tradition is reading “The night before Christmas” on Christmas Eve with my family. It’s something we’ve done since I can remember and we’ve used the same book every year - which is held together with tape now. When my Nephew was born we got my sister and him their own copy, but  we all still read it together, reading one page out loud each. (I can do most of it by heart now!!) For me, it’s what makes Christmas special."

"My absolute favourite Christmas tradition is getting the whole family together and enjoying a day of chilling, eating and arguing over what board game to play! It always ends up being a game of Trivial Pursuit… and I never win! The Christmas Leftover Sandwich is also an absolute must in Christmas Traditions for me. "

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