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OFFCUTS Staff Picks | Our Favourite Christmas Movies

What. A. Year. We're so excited that Christmas is finally just around the corner! This year more than ever we're getting right into the festive spirit here at OFFCUTS HQ. We've opened our advent calendars, gift wrapping has begun and we're looking forward to a whole month of binge watching our favourite Christmas movies. Need some inspiration on what ones to watch this year? We caught up with Sean, Sam and Victoria to see what films they love!

"My favourite Christmas movie has to be Home Alone 2, it's a timeless classic. It takes everything that made the original great and ramps it up! Christmas always seemed so much more magical as a kid, and this movie always has a way of bringing the child-like excitement back." 

"My favourite Christmas film is Elf. I’ve watched this a million times and it’s not only funny but reminds me of watching it at Christmas with my mum. She always giggles when Will Ferrell is getting run over by the yellow cabs and while he’s on that date and shouts, “Watch out for the yellow ones! They don’t stop”."

"It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s 100% my favourite time of year!
The world begins to sparkle with tinsel and lights and there’s the ring-ding – a-ling-ding of Christmas music pretty much everywhere! Some hate but I LOVE it!

As the nights draw in and turn chilly there’s only one thing for it....Christmas movies on the couch. A tradition that started with my mum and I when I was younger is now very much how we do things in our household. In the last week of November my partner and I make our list. From December 1st right through to 25th we watch a Christmas movie every day. Now, there are times this needs a wee shake up, you know, that work thing sometimes gets in the way of the festivities but that just means two movies at the weekend.

Every year we have the same argument...what order is the best. We can NEVER agree on this so we have now resorted to the tried and tested...names in a hat. All your classics are in there; It’s A Wonderful Life, Scrooged, The Holiday, Polar Express, the Family Stone, both the Home Alone movies, Die Hard (we are of the opinion that this is a Christmas movie but it normally splits the room lol) but the one thing we can agree on is our favourite and this one we always watch on Christmas Eve.... National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Side note: this really helped my other half with his monster in law as it’s her fav too! 
We have a process, a routine if you will. Unless we have family staying the door is locked, we have Christmas party food, mulled wine or cider (plus the usual Christmas bottles that are hidden for the big day), we get our Christmas PJs on and get all comfy on the couch. We have seen this movie sooo many times but it has never lost its magic and never fails to have us in stitches. For us National Lampoons Christmas Vacation gets us all ready for the stress filled, family packed, food coma inducing day that we all know and love and we wouldn’t have it any other way."

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