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Our Odd Sized Pairs - Explained

Here at OFFCUTS we do everything we can to prevent imperfect shoes ending up in landfill, that's how we're able to pass some amazing deals your way!

We're well known as being the official outlet store for OFFICE Shoes, with most of our online stock being ex-display items from OFFICE Shoes high street stores, or shoes that have defects. You might have also seen us talking about our 'Odd Shoes', but you aren't quite sure what that means, so we'll explain all about them in this post!

Did you know that around 60% of adults possess an intriguing secret? It turns out that one of their feet reigns supreme in terms of length and width compared to the other. Fascinating, isn't it? In the vast majority of cases, these variations aren’t particularly noticeable or troublesome. However, we're all about finding what is most comfortable for you and occasionally you may need to go up half a size or even a full size on one foot, and your regular size on the other.

Our Odd Shoes collection is made up of 'pairs' of shoes with different sizes. Most of these pairs only have a half or full size difference between each shoe, but we also sell pairs with two or three size differences between each shoe, as requested by you lovely lot who struggle to find these elsewhere. 

You'll be able to spot our Odd Shoes easily, as we always include 'Odd Sizes' and the shoe sizes in each product title. See below for an example. This listing is for a pair of oddly sized Converse where the right shoe is a size 5 and the left shoe is a size 6. We always list our products in UK sizes only.

Converse All Star Odd Sized Shoes
Once you click into the product you'll see in bold text that these shoes are odd sizes, along with a short description which will outline any additional faults that we have found with the shoes. Most of the time there is nothing physically wrong with the shoes, the only 'fault' is that they are sold in odd sizes. You can also check our grading chart beneath the product description to see what condition we have graded the item. This ranges from 'P - Totally perfect!' to 'G4 - OK condition - bargain!'. The 10 digit number written in the description is the product's original SKU from when the shoes would have been originally listed as perfect pairs. 



Next thing to check is the product images which are shown on the left hand side of the screen if you are using a desktop computer. We always add a few images of our own which will show an example of any defects we've outlined in the description. If we've said the item is in perfect condition we'll still add some photos of our own for you to see the quality for yourself before you buy. 


Example of Odd Product images


If you're ever unsure of anything we have listed, or have any addition questions about a product before you buy, feel free to contact us any time! We run a purely digital customer service platform now, however you can still reach us by email on or click here to message us on Facebook.


You can shop our full range of Odd Shoes by clicking here


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