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Christmas Day is only a few days away now, and we're getting so excited to have a little break from the madness that is 2020. Christmas is going to be so different for everyone this year. Maybe you can't have your extended family over for dinner like you normally do, maybe you're forced to spend the day alone due to travel restrictions, or perhaps you'll be spending the day at work on the front line.

Whatever your unexpected plans are, we wish you a happy and healthy Christmas, and here's hoping 2021 has better days in store for us all. We hope you've enjoyed our staff Christmas blogs - for our last post of the year we caught up with Claire, Alistair, Emma and OFFCUTS mascots Lexi & Lola for a Christmas jumper competition - who gets your vote?!

Hey Claire! Tell us what you love about Christmas...

"At Christmas time I love all the Home Alone movies. I've watched them since a was a little girl and love how I can watch these with my wee family now. As soon as the films come on I feel like a kid again and start to believe in Santa haha! Also my Christmas Jumper is my favourite as I LOVEEEE DISNEY... what's better than Mickey and Minnie to spread the love?"

Hey Emma! Tell us why you should win the Christmas jumper competition...

"This is my favourite jumper because….. well just look. I was going to include a photo of myself but what’s better than a couple of cute doggies! I’m sure everyone would prefer this?! Surely, I now don’t need an explanation as to why I should win?? However, for the sake of ticking all boxes, I think ‘we’ should win because they are theeee cutest. Yes their continuous barking hurts your ears, severely and even more so now due to working from home, but their company and cuddles more than make up for this. They’ve not been able to see their gran’s and grandad for so long now and I think them winning will give them a lockdown cheer up. Ladies and gentleman, the winners….oops I mean, the puppies… Lola and Lexi. Enjoy."

Hey Alistair! Tell us what your favourite part about Christmas is ...

"My favourite part of Christmas has to be family the highs the lows the joy the tears, which is going to strange in this crazy year we've had - 2020 the year that keeps on eh... giving .Family get-togethers are going all a bit cyber, but hey, it'll be a easier to mute your Auntie Jean once she's had a Christmas sherry too many. But on the upside think how amazing next year will be!"

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