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Health & Wellness Tips to Help Motivate You in 2022

Lose weight, give up alcohol, don't spend any money for 3 months, delete Facebook…. yawn. Whilst these are all decent new year’s resolutions to set, they’re probably the ones we’re least likely to stick to long-term. Our approach this year is to take things slow and make little tweaks here and there that will ultimately make us feel happier and healthier, in the hope we’ll be able to keep these new habits up long after the year ends. Are you looking to do the same? Here are a few health and wellbeing ideas to try out in 2022:


Start a New Skincare Regime
Try adding a new skincare regime in 2022.


The world of skincare can be so daunting if it’s not something you’ve taken interest in before, and with serums, lotions, day creams, night creams, toners (and what even are retinol and hyaluronic acid??) all claiming to be ‘essentials’ it can be difficult to know what items you really need.

If in doubt, stick to the main three: cleanse, tone, moisturise. Once you’re comfortable using these products daily you can then introduce some extras to suit your skin’s needs, like a hydrating serum or a brightening mask. Try to choose a facial moisturiser with SPF or apply it separately at the end.


Do Some Stretches
Do some stretches in the mornings and evenings


Stuck at a desk all day for work, or just looking to add a little more movement to your day? Instead of jumping straight into a 12-month gym membership you’ll likely not use, simply add some stretches into your morning and bedtime routine. It might not seem like much compared to a HIIT workout, but some of the many benefits of stretching include improved blood flow and posture, stress relief, increased flexibility and relief from joint and back pain. Not bad, eh?


Have a Digital Detox
Have a digital detox in 2022


No one’s asking you to go cold turkey from your Instagram stories, but a break from your phone every now and then can do wonders for your mental health. Start by reviewing who you follow on social media. Remove anyone who doesn’t make you feel AMAZING about yourself – influencers, family and friends included. Be brutal, it’s worth it. Next up try and increase the amount of time you spend offline. If the first thing you do in the morning is scroll your news feed before getting out of bed, then try leaving your phone in another room at night. This will also help curb any screen-time temptation before you sleep too. There are also apps you can download that manage the amount of time you spend on certain apps like social media channels and news pages.


Try to Eat Less Animal Products
 Try to eat less animal products in 2022


There’s no doubt about it – a plant-based diet is certainly the healthiest when done right, and it’s the most planet-friendly too. Instead of trying to cut out every single animal product from your diet all at once, try and opt-out of one at a time and see how you find the change. Try asking for oat milk in your morning latte instead of cow’s milk, take part in ‘meat-free Monday’, or switch out the cheese in your sandwiches for a dairy-free version. Little changes like these all help make a difference – and who knows, you might enjoy the alternatives better!


Start Saving a Little Money
Start Saving a Little Money in 2022


Depending on your circumstances and how much you earn it can be really tough to save some money every month when you’re living from payday to payday. This year why not challenge yourself to put £1 or £2 away every week for the rest of the year. It’s a small enough amount that you shouldn’t notice it and over time you can increase or decrease the weekly amount to suit your budget. Another easy option is to ditch just one of your takeaway coffees every now and then and pop the cash in a terramundi pot where you’re less likely to dip back in for it (without smashing it open with a hammer). There are some really clever apps out there as well for your phone or tablet, like Plum, which can round up your purchases to the nearest £ and pocket the change for you. Left to its own devices the money can really add up over time without you noticing, giving you a nice lump sum to put towards a bill or a treat for yourself.


No matter what little goals you set yourself this year (if any), please always remember that you are more than enough – just as you are.



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