Liquiproof Footwear Protector Spray 50ml
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Liquiproof Footwear Protector for Poste

Liquiproof is the world's only permanent, invisible, eco-friendly, non flammable and odourless footwear protection. It works by keeping surfaces dry and creating an invisible superhydrophobic coating using nanotechnology. This magic formula can be used to protect fabrics from the elements and accidental spillages however we would recommend using on suede and nubuck to achieve best results.

Before using, ensure your footwear are completely clean and then spray the product 10-15cm away from the shoe surface ensuring full coverage. If using on lighter fabrics such as canvas more of the product will need to be used to ensure full protection. 

  • 50ml bottle
  • Suitable for all types of absorbent materials : Nubuck, Suede and Sheepskin

Style number 1747186320